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Stephanie Hahn Waiver Form

Please read and sign 

This release, Waiver and Hold Harmless agreement is made by and between the undersigned (client) and Mandala Hills, LLC, entered into on the day, month and year noted below.

1. Mandala Hills, LLC provides space for and instructions in Pilates and exercises/equipment
created by Joseph Pilates and developed by those he taught. The parties to this agreement recognize that while
Pilates is not strenuous, participation in the activity could lead to physical injury to the client.
2. Client desires to undertake Stephanie Hahn P.T. and Hahn Wellness, LLC, program with full knowledge of possibility
that physical injuries could result from it and desires to assume the risk of any such injury.
3. The parties recognize that Stephanie Hahn P.T. and Hahn Wellness, LLC will not be able to and will not provide its
program to clients without the execution of this agreement and detailed client profile.
Therefore, client in consideration of the above and of the exercise classes to be provided, hereby waives all claims for damage
or loss to person or property which may be caused by an act, or failure to act, of Stephanie Hahn P.T. and Hahn Wellness, LLC.
Client assumes the risks of all dangerous conditions in and around the premises and waives any and all specific notice of the
existence of such conditions. Client also assumes the risk of any and all injuries that might result from participating in
Stephanie Hahn Stephanie Hahn P.T. and Hahn Wellness, LLC exercise programs.
In consideration of my participating in Stephanie Hahn P.T. and Hahn Wellness, LLC exercise program, I
_____________________ for myself, my heirs, and assigns, hereby Stephanie Hahn P.T. and Hahn Wellness, LLC from any
claims demands and causes of action arising from my participation in the exercise program. I hereby affirm that I have read
and fully understand the above, am over eighteen years of age or am a legally emancipated minor.

We look forward to seeing you!

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