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Facilitators Available Upon Request


Holistic Therapist

Passionate holistic therapist specializing in various modalities including NLP, Body Code, hypnosis, sound therapy, energy, body-mind and the subconscious.


Licensed Psychotherapist

Dedicated therapist encouraging creative expression to foster authenticity and a deep connection to ourselves. Experienced in nature-based & expressive art therapies, as well as being a certified yoga instructor.


Licensed Psychotherapist

Experienced therapist committed to providing a safe space in which to release emotional weight and begin a journey to a better life.


Virginia Wittebort, CPM

Certified Midwife

Certified Professional Midwife experienced in supporting people during the perinatal phase of their life using various holistic modalities. 

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Kat Kisselburg

Reiki Master

Certified reiki master, spiritual coach, priestess, & oracular tarot reader. Through spiritual messages and energy healing, Kat helps others connect to their own divine empowerment.

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