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Let us warmly welcome you to Mandala Hills. Located on the beautiful land of Central Texas, Mandala Hills is a wellness center dedicated to collective healing and learning. We offer heart-centered classes, services, and spaces to nurture the body, mind, and soul. Please explore our offerings and contact us with any questions you may have. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Mandala Hills community.

Stay With Us

Reconnect with yourself and nature in this idyllic getaway.


Available Services and Retreats

Add to your stay or just come for the day.  We have what you need to help balance  your life.

Sound Body Mind 

Explore the benefits of healing through the subconscious body and mind with vibroacoustic therapies, hypnosis, NLP & Body Code 

Counseling Group

Find lasting change that ripples into the collective.  Now is the time for next level transformation.

Healing Retreats

We offer regular community events and retreats including breath work, sound baths and yoga retreats.  Reach out for upcoming events.

Wilderness Therapy

 Primarily helping adolescents and young adults, working with substance use challenges, trauma, and other areas of the human shadow. Practice includes nature-based therapy, EMDR, and expressive art therapies.

Forest Path

Connect With Us

Stay connected and get updates about events and specials

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